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NOTE: MetaQuotes has updated their MQL4 language and our tools won´t work on MT4 Build 600 and greater, nevertheless all our tools offer the same features and advantages as usual. We highly recommend reading this blog post about updating MT4 to Build 600.

4xGuardian – Your MT4 broker monitoring tool 4xPartner – Expert advisor with multi-indicator 4xStats – Alerting and Reporting Indicator 4xAchiever – Your MetaTrader management tool 4xWatch – Metatrader connection monitoring tool 4xSentinel – Broker manipulation detector 4xSpread – Graphical spread indicator 4xBenchmark – MetaTrader Performance Tester

4xGuardian – Your MT4 broker monitoring tool

Ever felt like trading naked? Get the most advanced forex tool on the market to detect dishonest brokers and MetaTrader 4 issues. Stop guessing if you have a good broker and get real facts, take advantage of this powerful tool, stop trading in the dark and finally be in control of your trades with 4xGuardian.

4xPartner – Expert advisor with multi-indicator

The perfect partner for your trades 4xPartner is a multi-indicator with Forex News and expert advisor all in one easy to use tool that puts all the essential information at your fingertips. 4xPartner can automate the management of every trade with an outstanding strategy that lets you optimize profits while reducing risks.

4xStats – Alerting and Reporting Indicator

Detailed statistics 4xStats is a Metatrader indicator that analyzes, displays and reports the most important information from both open and closed trades. With 4xStats you can visualize the performance of your account with ease, know which pairs do best and which do worst, receive email alerts for every opened or closed trade, set daily reports and more.

4xAchiever – Your MetaTrader management tool

This tool was the result of hundreds of feedbacks from our customers. 4xAchiever lets you manage your open trades from the simple strategies to compound, which the take profit, stop loss and trailing stop are hidden from your broker. Very easy to use with our new on screen control, offering one click open and close trades and much more. It’s like having an Autopilot system for your trades.

4xWatch – Metatrader connection monitoring tool

Real time connection monitoring 4xWatch gives you complete uptime information and more, so you will know when a connection problem occurs with just a glance of your metatrader screen. 4xWatch will help you easily identify and diagnose broker connection issues as soon as it happens right from Metatrader.

4xSentinel – Broker manipulation detector

Is your broker dishonest? It’s becoming common practice for forex brokers to use the Virtual Dealer Plug-in to manipulate their clients’ accounts in their advantage. Brokers use the Virtual Dealer Plug-in to increase their profits by delaying executions times, changing margins, increasing the spread, causing slippages and re-quotes. There are still many honest brokers, but many more that are not. What about yours?

4xSpread – Graphical spread indicator

Real-time graphical spread indicator 4xSpread is a free graphic and numeric spread indicator for Metatrader that works in real time so you can stop guessing your current spread and concentrate on trading.

4xBenchmark – MetaTrader Performance Tester

FREE Forex tool 4xBenchmark is a scrip that will help to check your MT4 performance on your VPS and/or computer. This could be an essential tool when choosing a VPS for your trading.

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Unique metatrader indicators for:

  • Analyzing the Forex markets.
  • Monitoring your broker/s performance and integrity.
  • Getting in depth information of your trades and financial instruments.
  • Comparing execution of Live Vs Demo.
  • Increasing the trade’s performances with advanced customized blend systems.
  • Increase productivity and reduce hassle with the help of our advanced automation tools.


Our company is integrated by computer engineers, software’s developers, math professionals and traders with ample experience in the forex market, who know the needs of the traders .

Our goal is proving traders with crucial metatrader tools to get essential information, help optimize profits and reduce risks.

Custom programming service

We are now offering custom programming and development.

If you have awesome ideas but don’t have the programming knowledge to develop them into a fully working EA/Indicator you’re at the right place. We can build professional custom Forex indicators, expert advisors, scripts and tools for MetaTrader 4 and 5 to fit your needs.

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Metatrader indicators, Expert Advisors and Free MT4 Forex Tools

Are you ready for a new breed of forex tools?

Metatrader indicators and Forex tools

Being a forex trader is a difficult job and we know difficult jobs require the best tools, that’s why we created unique metatrader indicators and expert advisors to help with your trades, monitor your broker’s reliability and to get the pulse of the market.

The tools we provide will become crucial on your day to day trading, from gathering statistics, monitoring your broker’s connection, monitoring your spread, comparing broker’s, automating your trades and much more.

To learn more about the different Metatrader (MT4) indicators and expert advisors available visit our Metatrader indicators page. You may also want to check out our Free Forex Tools section.

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