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With 4xAchiever you will be able to customize strategies to your trading needs with multiple take profit levels, the option of partially close trades, trailing stops and best of all the ability to have it all hidden from your broker. You also get great trade information not available to you in MT4 and the ability to automatically save a screen shot of the chart just before the trades close, so you can review market conditions at that time and also review the settings use by the expert.

4xAchiever also has some advanced features that include a way to close all trades when the account equity has reached a set level.

The Features:

4xAchiever has 5 closing individual trade strategies starting from the basic to more advanced strategies that can include multiple take profit levels, partial closes and trailing stops, all hidden from your broker.

Some advanced features include a way to close all trades when the account equity has reached a set level.

Custom Strategy:

On screen control for custom trading strategy. All parameters can be configured on the screen with the mouse and keyboard.

One click trading:

4xAchiever lets you open and close positions with just one click avoiding extra steps.

Trade information:

Ticket number, size, profit/loss in pips and currency, duration, worst and best profit/loss in pips and currency and locked profit.

Locked profit is displayed when you use the trailing stop; this is the amount of profit the trailing stop has locked in if the trade starts to move back against you.

How it works

Graphic indicators:

4xAchiever will draw lines on the chart showing solid green if a buy position is winning and solid red if losing, also dotted green if a sell position is winning and dotted red if losing.

You can see the Take profit 1, Take profit 2 and Stop Loss drawn lines with just a glance. If trailing stop is enabled the stop loss line will keep moving up with every tick PL increases.

Snapshot of every closed trade:

4xAchiever will take a snapshot when your trade is closing, showing the market conditions and your settings at the closing time. Very useful to later review trade information.

Full source codes included



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