NOTE: MetaQuotes has updated their MQL4 language and our tools won´t work on MT4 Build 600 and greater, nevertheless all our tools offer the same features and advantages as usual. We highly recommend reading this blog post about updating MT4 to Build 600.



4xBarSize is a MetaTrader indicator that shows in real time every bar size in 3 categories: Low, Medium and High in 3 different colors, so you can easily visualize the actual pip size of each bar no matter what the actual zoom level is. This is very important because MetaTrader 4 does not draw the bars relative to their pip amount but it scales the bars depending on the lowest and highest visible prices on the chart.

The Features:

  • Identify Low, Medium and High bars by colors and by numbers
  • Customizable
  • Works in real time
  • Can be used in multiple charts
  • Very low memory usage

Full source codes included



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