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4xBenchmark is a script that accesses the relative performance of MetaTrader 4 by running a number of standard tests of the disk drive read/write, CPU, video speed and the speed MetaTrader communication with DLLs. This could be an essential tool when choosing a VPS for your trading.


  • Meta Trader 4 writing speed.
  • Meta Trader 4 reading speed.
  • Meta Trader 4 graphics speed.
  • Meta Trader 4 DLL communication speed.
  • Meta Trader 4 CPU speed.
  • Reporting of results.

Running 4xBenchmark:

After 4xBenchmark completes it’s test you will see a screen similar to the one below.

On this image you have:

  • Video test speed. (Low number of seconds is better)
  • Graphics test speed.(Low number of seconds is better)
  • Current disk writing speed in Kb per second. (High numbers are better)
  • Current disk reading speed in Kb per second. (High numbers are better)
  • DLL test speed. (Low number of seconds is better)
  • CPU test speed. (Low number of seconds is better)

4xBenchmark will also generate a report and save to a temp file on your c:/ drive, which can be used for later review.

The start rating is to give you a reference of what we consider a good result. This tool will work better if you compare different computers or VPS services. We’d like to encourage you to share your results on public forums of your choice or just leave a comment on the 4xBenchmark page.


4xBenchmark test does not reflect the actual speed of your computer, only the speed of MetaTrader 4 can access the resources of your computer/VPS.

I/O speed speed will be much lower than the computer` s true capabilities, due to the fact that MetaTrader experts do not compile to great speed.

The I/O test is done by writing a random binary file of 159600000 bytes to the files folder then reading it back, reading time could be much lower the writing times depending on your hard-drive cache size and type of disk.

Note About VPS:

When 4xBenchmark runs on a VPS the results can vary substantially depending on the load on the server from you or other users, that is why is important to choose the best technologies.

We have noticed that Virtuozzo has the most variation in performance of all the technologies we have tested, for more info read the article below. How to choose the best vps for Forex trading

Grab your free copy below:





May 26, 2012



4xbenchmark wont work on my MT4 platfrom please can you advise? thanks


dyerfino Reply:

I believed you open a support ticket and they have sent you the escript.


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