NOTE: MetaQuotes has updated their MQL4 language and our tools won´t work on MT4 Build 600 and greater, nevertheless all our tools offer the same features and advantages as usual. We highly recommend reading this blog post about updating MT4 to Build 600.



4xGuardian is more than just a conjunction of our 2 famous tools: 4xSentinel, 4xWatch with great additional features. This tool was specially designed for professional traders as well as beginners.

4xGuardian was made from the ground up with one very specific goal in mind, providing an incredibly sophisticated tool that would be very easy to use in addition of great new features.

This tool was created with the objective to protect you against the unscrupulous brokers as well as technical issues which could generate unpredictable consequences and great losses.

The Features:

4xGuardian detects and alerts you of the following suspicious activity:

  • Re-quotes
  • Price slippages
  • Delays in execution times
  • Average request time
  • Margin changes
  • Unusual spread when trading
  • Server disconnections

4xGuardian generates daily reports with all the problems detected for both the standard and PLUS features.

These reports are your only tool when confronting your Broker about any suspicious activity on your account.

4xGuardian Reports are best viewed in Firefox & Chrome

You can also add more important features to 4xGuardian with the PLUS services subscription

PLUS services will enable 4xGuradian to send you email notifications:

  1. If Metatrader 4 logs become too large or increase their size to fast, your computer could be at risk by a run away expert advisor, this could fill up your hard drive in no time and crash your computer.
  2. If a conflict with Metatrader 4 is detected (more than one instance of the same MT4 running at the same time). This could cause Metatrader to make unwanted trades by your expert advisor.
  3. If your broker changes the leverage on your account. Is essential that you be notified right away. Leverage changes could cause a margin call to be triggered and all your trades could be closed with out your consent or knowledge.

More subscription features:

  • With the plus subscription you also get chart monitoring service, where all the prices for every bar on your charts are recorded and used to detect any changes. This is a common sign of stop loss hunting by the Forex brokers. You should watch this video “virtual dealer plug-in action” to see how the broker changes the price information on the chart.
  • 4xGuardian will also compare the prices in your chart with a reliable third party source to detect any price manipulation by the broker.
  • Monitoring any miss reporting of the spread by Metatrader 4, this is a very important factor when using an expert advisor that relies on the spread to make trading decisions such as FAPTURBO, MILLIONDOLLAR PIP and WALLSTREET.

Auto Updates:

4xGuardian will auto update as new detection features are added to detect suspicious broker activity.

Full source codes included





Feb 22, 2012



I currently use 4x Sentinel and 4x Watch. They generate reports about how my broker FXCM takes an extra second to fill my trades. All well and good. However, there’s not much I can do about it as far as I can tell. Just grin and bear it. I’m just one retail trader with no clout whatsoever. Now if you guys could collect all the reports from all users and give us some statistics about which brokers are ripping us off the most and the least, that would be most helpfull!


Juan Reply:

We can’t collect information from our clients running our tools, all the information is private and saved on the clients local machine we do not have access to it. This could only be accomplish if the users of 4x Sentinel, 4x Watch and/or 4xGuardian would be willing to share the information of their reports, you should start a thread on a popular Forex Forum where people could upload their reports daily for every one analysis, this would clean up the Forex business by exposing bad Brokers to all.


Peter Su

Feb 27, 2012



Hello 4x

I can not clearly understand the difference between 4xGuardian, 4xGuardian monthly subscription and Master Collection.

Can you help me clarify the difference of these three?


Juan Reply:

Master Collection is the package of 5 independent tools, 4xGuardian is not included on this package.
4xGuardian is one tool with some of the same abilities that are included in others tools in the Master Collection.
There are two options when buying 4xGuardian:
no monthly subscription) you pay just once €69.95 for the tool with its features (read )
if you want to add more features to 4xGuaradian you will pay €9.95 per month (read )



Feb 28, 2012



I own both sentinel and watch already. What added benefit would I get from this latest offering without the monthly subscription?


Giani Reply:

Not much without the subscription , 4xGuardian is more user friendly with simpler reports , the only added tool is that is also have the 4xGhost technology build in with 4xGuardian and less resource usage then running 4xsentinel and 4xWatch.
4xsentinel and 4xWatch reports are much more detailed, tick by tick on 4xsentinel and minute by minute on 4xWatch.



Feb 28, 2012



I already have sentinel. Is there discount for gaurdian for those who already have sentinel?



Juan Reply:

Hi Cogs:
Yes, send us a ticket support and we will issue a discount’s coupon for you.



Feb 29, 2012



Great tool guys!! I love the reports, very useful.


Juan Reply:

thanks Alex, we’re glad you like our tools



Mar 6, 2012



with the unlimited account but 1 pc

will i be able to use it on vps one day and then close the mt4 on vps and use it on my home pc

or is it just one time activation


Juan Reply:

Yes you can, you just need to run the installer again every time you change machines. To activate the license on the last machine, you run the installer and it will be removed automatically from the previous machine



Apr 27, 2012



hello, i want the tool where you can create slippage so you can get beter entries. can u email meor skype me please: shaunlpowell


dyerfino Reply:

Dear Shaun

That is what 4xGuardian does with the subscription service it compares your Mt4 chart data with two other brokers and alert you of any spikes.


Daniel Reply:

Sorry we do not have such tool


Mi Mundo

Jun 30, 2012



I have read about VDP and just thinking about the things I have seen trading which I thought were technical glitches scares me to realise that they might be broker enduced, I would like to know if I do get 4sentinel/4guardian and realise i was being cheated should i confront my broker or find another broker? I know finding another broker and testing if they also use VDP will require me to open a live account since VDP is not activated on demo accounts (according to my knowledge) and if I do find that broker is also dishonest what should i do since almost every broker i have seen advertise and have checked if they are a scam has a bad review from a few clients. Is there a way to use 4sentinel/4guardian and see if a broker is a cheat but still be able to make profits using the same broker, testing 4sentinel on every broker could end up taking up alot of time and costing you alot of money as i heard some brokers refuse to pay you back your money when you want to withdraw, your quick reply will be apreciated


Giani Reply:

We our tools we can only tell you that the Broker is doing somenting suspicious we can stop then from doing it. Should research well before opening an account and the we recommend you run our tools so make sure the Broker remains honest. Because the VDP is part of MT4 server is very easy for the Broker to turn it on and off at will.


Mi Mundo

Jun 30, 2012



another question is does 4sentinel and 4guardian only work on Mete Trader platforms?


Giani Reply:

Yes, our tools are only for MT4



Aug 28, 2012



Could I use it on my MT4 which is on my pc and on the VPS where I have couple more MT4 running at the same time?

Thank you


Daniel Reply:

If you are going to run it on two computer you will need two licenses, it needs to be running on the same MT4 that you like to monitor



Nov 22, 2012



Will you make the 4xGuardian for The Tradestation Platform in the future? I would really feel more secure trading with this valuable information if available.


Juan Reply:

Sorry, at the moment we’re not considering making 4xGuardian for the Tradestation Platform.



Mar 8, 2013



Hello, I want to ask, if “Guardian” works also if I don’t let in run on a VPS? That means, I run MT4 ones a day . Will Guardian detect everything I have to know ‘backwards’?

Thank you!


Daniel Reply:

It will not work backwards, it needs to be running on the same MT4 where the trades are made at the same time to detect any problems


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