NOTE: MetaQuotes has updated their MQL4 language and our tools won´t work on MT4 Build 600 and greater, nevertheless all our tools offer the same features and advantages as usual. We highly recommend reading this blog post about updating MT4 to Build 600.

4xPartner Version Change Logs

Changes ver. 1.00064

1 – Updated to be compatible with the current  version of MT4.

Changes ver. 1.00060

1 –added comparability with 4xGuardian.

Changes ver. 1.00056

1 –Improved GMT Time accuracy.

Changes ver. 1.00054

1 –Stop loss information was not being displayed on Low_Memory_Mode = True

2- When the Low_Memory_Mode = True . Added information about all Tickets 4xParnet is managing for the curent pair.

Changes ver. 1.00050

1 –Low_Memory_Mode = True // if set to true does not draw the news on the screen just a simple list with all the parameters

This new low memory mode is for use on VPS remove the indicator and use this mode to save memory , on our test 4 charts with the indicator would take about 100K of memory and with out the indicator and with the Low Memory Mode ON the memory usage was reduce to 23k.

Changes ver. 1.00046

1 –Improved star-up speed by caching you license for 1 week .

Changes ver. 1.00045

1 –Five_Digit_Broker =  true // Change this to True if you Broker uses fractional Pip pricing, make sure you adjust your setting TP, SL, Step , etc to reflect the correct amount ( before this change you had to multiplied by 10 your values for it to owrk correctly on 5 digits brokers ) .

2 – News_on_Indicator =  true // Change this to True and all the info that is draw on the main chart will now be inside the Indicator window. This has been requested many time by people that run indicator on the same chart as 4xPartner. Note after you change this setting, it will take a few seconds for the screen to redraw correctly.

4xPartner News on Indicator

Changes ver. 1.00044

1 –Fix bug on News pop up.

Changes ver. 1.00043

1 –Show_Old_News = 3  // Now you can choose how many past news are displayed at the top of the news feed.

2-  If you set UseForexDailyFX = true , the Actual for the new event will be displayed and if the value is lower than PRE the color of ATC will be RED; BLUE  if they are the same and GREEN if ATC is lower than ATC .

3 – Alert_Seconds_News = 30 // if this input has a value greater than zero, an alert will pop up with a description of the upcoming news and the time until the release occur. The alert will only pop up if the new release is for the current pair.

4- If you set Use_Small_Font_News = False  you can now change the Font Size by  changing the value of NewFontSize = 12 .

5- Added another news feed source Use_TSD_News = true , this will give you the news feed from this feed does not contain the ATC of new releases.

Changes ver. 1.00041

1 –Use_TSD_News = True // True to display news form economic calendar.

Changes ver. 1.00039

1 –Clean_Screen = True // set it to false will keep 4xPartner from deleting custom trend lines and  indicator.

Changes ver. 1.00037

1 –Improved license routine, it will now attempt to check the license with our sever and not give up on the first try. Also if the license check  fails the expert will go into debug mode and print important information on the Expert logs to help us find and resolve installation issues.

UseForexFactoryNews = false  // To get DailyFX news.

Changes ver. 1.00036

1 – Fixed N

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