NOTE: MetaQuotes has updated their MQL4 language and our tools won´t work on MT4 Build 600 and greater, nevertheless all our tools offer the same features and advantages as usual. We highly recommend reading this blog post about updating MT4 to Build 600.

4xSentinel Version Change Logs

Changes ver. 1.00062

1 – Updated to be compatible with the current  version of MT4.

Changes ver. 2.00061

1 –Fix a bug that stoped it from working while the date on your computer did not math the date on the Martket watch

Changes ver. 2.00057

1 –Updated JavaSprits on the reports to increase Bid/Ask acurracy and added a Range Selector on the baton of the screen.

Changes ver. 2.00055

1 –Low_Memory_Mode = True // if set to true does not draw the news on the screen just a simple list with all the parameters

This new low memory mode is for use on VPS   , on our test 5 charts running  with the expert and  indicator would take about 88K of memory  with the Low Memory Mode ON the memory usage was reduce to 21k.

Note: make sure you run the indicator, no information will be display on the indicator but we still need it running to record vital information.

Changes ver. 2.00054

1 –Fixed bug,high CPU usage.

2- Bug on report screen..

Changes ver. 2.00052

1 –Fixed bug on build 400 and greater of MetaTrader, wrong ULT , UHS and high CPU usage.

2- Report to folder no longer copies all contents on the library folder.

Changes ver. 2.00047

1 –Improved star-up speed by caching you license for 1 week .

2 –Reports now open 10 seconds apart to decreased load on the PC  .

Changes ver. 2.00046

1 –Detect slippage on all open requests.

Changes ver. 2.00045

1 –Detect slippage on all closed requests.

Changes ver. 2.00043

1 –Start up speed improvement.

Changes ver. 2.00041

1 –Fixed a bug  where if Enable_Alerts was set to false  4xSentinel would stop working.

Changes ver. 2.00040

1 –Added the account number to the Pop Up in order to identified what MT4 had an event .

2 – Update_Friday_Only = false // if you set this variable to false, updates will download and install the same day they become available, if set to true it will only download updates on Friday.

3 –Improved license routine, it will now attempt to check the license with our sever and not give up on the first try. Also if the license check  fails the expert will go into debug mode and print important information on the Expert logs to help us find and resolved installation issues.

Changes ver. 2.00039

1 –Use_Frac_Pip = true// Will make all charts to display the Pips correctly if your Broker uses Fractinal Pip  .

The above option will affect all Charts and this will not affect the information previously recorder there fore the Indicator will display incorrect information for one day and the Report will display non decimal information for the previous days also.

2 –No need to restart MT4 for updates, just save current settings on a Template and apply to the chart where you have 4xSentinel running ( tip shared by Jason) .

3 –4xSentinel will self update only on Fridays after 5pm Eastern Time . If you see a new version on this page and you like to updated just run the installer to force a manual updated at any time.

Changes ver. 2.00038

1 –Open_Report_on_Web_Browser = false //Runs the report but does not open on the Web Browser  ( request by Jason) .

2 –Report_to_Directory   //Send a copy of the report to a custom directory  ( request by Jason) .

The above option can be used in conjunction with DropBox (or similar service) to send the reports from a VPS to your local machine.

3 –Display bug fixed .

Known Bugs

1 – Indicator does not display correctly on fixed spread broker ( reported by Jason. ) .

  • Work around by adding a Fixed minimum to the indicator, more info on this video

Changes ver. 2.00037

1 – Fixed file peding order detelition cosing  incorrect alerts ( reported by Vincent. ) .

“I discovered a bug in 4xSentinel.  When my EA Deletes a Pending order 4xSentinel always gives an alert that this order was closed with slippage which is incorrect.  It should not even care about deleted pending orders.  Please fix this issue and if you could update to a version with this fix that would be great.”

Changes ver. 2.00036

1 – Fixed file read error caused if the symbol name contain a period ( reported by Mike T. ).

Changes ver. 2.00035

1 – Initial public version.

Changes ver. 2.00032

1 – Fixed divided by zero errors on the account leverage calculation.

Changes ver. 2.00031

1 – General bug fixes.

Changes ver. 2.00030

1 – Added slippage detection.

Changes ver. 2.00029

1 – 4 x time speed increase on detection

Changes ver. 1.00000

1 – Initial Beta release.

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