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4xStats is a Metatrader indicator that analyzes, displays and reports the most important information from both open and closed trades. With 4xStats you can visualize the performance of your account with ease, know which pairs do best and which do worst, receive email alerts, set daily reports and much more.

The Features:

Detailed trade history:

The trade history area will cycle every few seconds showing you the trade history for the current pair and all pairs combined making it easy to visualize the overall performance of your account.

Winners and losers:

On the far right of the screen the information will cycle presenting you detailed statistics about the best and worst performing 10 pairs (in pips) plus information about your best and worst trade in both pips and currency amounts.

Latest trade activity:

On the left of the screen you will find general information about your account, the last transactions and the best and worst running trade.

Draw History Indicator:

Any time a position is opened, 4xStats draws a line on the chart from the opened price to the current price indicating if the position is winning or losing by its color and if it is a long or short position by its shape. 4xStats makes it very easy to visualize all your trade activity.

Email alerts and reports:

The most used feature of 4xStats is the Email reporting and alerting ability. 4xStats will send you an email report at the frequency you chose and every time a trade opens and closes. The reports can be read in any browser and in any mobile phones that supports email.

Full source codes included





Mar 7, 2011



Excellent, these stats help me decide what pairs I have to aim for and what pairs not.



Mar 12, 2011



Very useful. Now I can follow up all my trades from my phone. Thank you


Diego Lopez

Mar 21, 2011



Just what I was looking for since I’m always busy and never in the office, awesome tool



Apr 6, 2011



Very complete report!! And I can see it in my cellphone that so nice.



Dec 17, 2011



Just purchased the exstats app, activated ok. All seems fine. But email is not generated to my email address. can anyone help?
Windows Server2003 MT4 v4 build 409


Giani Reply:

We have found a bug where emails whore not sent if you had more then 30 trades open, it has been fixed.
Fore more information see the change logs at



Mar 24, 2013




Is it possible to modify so that you can have all chosen pairs on one chart?


Daniel Reply:

What do you mean by “all chosen pairs on one chart” most of the info is for all pairs the only part the is exclusive to the pair where the expert is running is the middle colum


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