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4xWatch gives you minute by minute information about your connection and your broker’s connection and also keeps detailed connection logs for up to 30 days.

The Features:

Ease of use:

Our color coded minute by minute chart makes it a snap to detect connection issues. With just a glance at the 4xWatch screen you will know when the connection was lost, how it happened and for how long.

Multiple verification methods:

  • Ping times
  • Trace routes
  • Latency
  • Hops
  • Geographical locations

Logging and reporting:

4xWatch keeps detailed logs of connection activity for up to 30 days so you can check previous performances, generate statistics or compare brokers.

    Reports include:
  • Ping and trace routes
  • IP addresses and geographical locations
  • Aggregated down times
  • Daily or hourly reports
  • Graphic pie charts
Full source codes included




lian m

Sep 4, 2010



i Installed on my live account and was surprised to find out that my broker goes dead for 3 to 5 minutes every day during roll over, one time it lasted 15 minutes. happy with 4xwatch disappointed with my broker


mister t Reply:

my broker goes dead as well during roll over, i am using 4xwatch to compare several brokers, great tool


Anon Reply:

Hello. All legitimate Liquidity providers have a 3-5 minute restart period around rollover.


Ziggy Colton

Nov 23, 2010



i purchased this metatrader indicator about a week ago and i already detected a total of 84 down minutes from my broker. i am currently looking for a new broker



Feb 19, 2011



When MT4 server is out of connection will I recieve an email?

I use x5 MT4 brokers, can the software manage to monitor all five of them?



Giani Reply:

Dear Jeff.

For you first question the email feature will be added in the next update , couple weeks from now.
The seconds question yes , you can use on as many MT4 you like on the same machine, the license is per machine/computer.
I have it running in about 8 MT4 on my core i-5 machine with no problems.


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