NOTE: MetaQuotes has updated their MQL4 language and our tools won´t work on MT4 Build 600 and greater, nevertheless all our tools offer the same features and advantages as usual. We highly recommend reading this blog post about updating MT4 to Build 600.




  1. Download the Installer.
  2. Copy the Installer to your MetaTrader4 expert’s folder.
  3. Run the Installer and activate your software.
  4. Restart MetaTrader4.

1) If you purchased 4xGuardian w/o PLUS Services you will receive an email containing your download link after the order is completed. If you purchased 4xGuardian with PLUS Services you will be redirected to the downloads page after the order is completed. After the download finishes, open the folder where the file resides, right click and copy the file.

2) Navigate to: Computer>Local Disk (c:)> Programs Files>Your-Metatrader4 folder>Experts> and Paste the file you copied in step 1.

3) Restart your MetaTrader4, open a new chart, open the Navigator Window
(Press Control + n) and double click the Installer_4xGuardian from the list of Expert Advisors.

A window will pop up where you need to set a few options.
On the common Tab make sure you check the Allow DLL imports and Allow import of external experts and make sure Confirm DLL function calls is NOT checked.

Common Tab

A. On the Inputs Tab enter the PayPal Transaction ID, you will find your Transaction ID at the top of your PayPal receipt.

Input Tab

Example of PayPal email receipt.

PayPal receipt

If you have not received your PayPal ID within 8 hours or have any problems activating 4xGuardian, please send us a Support Ticket

4) When you are done entering the above information just press OK and the installer will run, when the installer finishes close the chart and restart your MetaTrader4 and 4xGuardian will be ready to use.
At this point 4xGuardian should be successfully installed.
Open a new chart and place the 4xGuardian expert in the chart you like to monitor.
If you wish to install 4xGuardian in multiple MetaTraders, repeat the installation process for each MetaTrader.

Properties Screen


  • Setup
  • Common tab
  • Inputs tab


After you finish the installation of 4xGuardian, you need to restart MetaTrader before you run it for the first time. You can repeat the process with as many pairs as you like.

  • IMPORTANT: In order to monitor all disconnections, (server disconnections caused by your Broker or disconnections caused by your Internet service provider) you need to open a EURUSD chart, otherwise 4xGuardian won’t monitor your disconnections.

Now you are ready to place 4xGuardian on the chart. To proceed, open the Navigator window (Press Control + n) > Expert Advisors > double click on 4xGuardian or drag and drop it on the chart.

Make sure “Expert Advisors” is enabled.

Common Tab:

On the common Tab make sure you check the Allow DLL imports and Allow import of external experts and make sure Confirm DLL function calls is NOT checked.

Common Tab

Inputs Tab:

Email: If you want to receive e-mail notifications fill out this box with your e-mail address.

Enable_Pop-up: If set to false you will block all warning pop-ups.

Enable_Recent_Activity: Set to false if you prefer to hide the recent activity details.

Update_Friday_Only: If set to false 4xGuardian it will update as soon as a new version is released.

If you already subscribed to 4xGuardian PLUS Services, you will see: Active, other wise it will say OFF.

BrokerNickName: Will be used on the 4xSentinel reports, you can change it from its default name.

ReportFrequency: This is the frequency an automatically report will be generated, you can have the report pop up Hourly, Daily or Never

On the first column you will see Re-quotes Detected, Trades with High Spread, Trades with Slippage and Slow Trades Request with quantities of each item.

Average Request Time: This number here is calculated from the total time of requests divided by the number of requests.

To enable millisecond precision read this article: How to detect trade time in milliseconds

Daily Down Time: This represents the total number of disconnections in minutes which includes the broker server disconnections and your own Internet disconnections as well, (note: 4xGuardian must be running on EUR-USD chart in order for disconnections be detected). The 4xGuardian running on EURUSD during a disconnection will have a horizontal line and the caption will change from Daily Down Time to Server is Disconnected.

On the second column you will see:

Spread Information:

Now: current spread.

High: the maximum spread for the day.

Average: the average spread for the day.

Low: the lowest spread for the day.

Reported: This is the spread that MT4 is reporting now via the MarketInfo ( Symbol () , MODE_SPREAD ) function.

Max Error: This is the maximum spread difference registered of real spread and the one reported by MT4.

Recent Activity:

Under this item you will see the most recent activity of your trades: Time, order’s number and the concept. All items in gray represents normal activity. The items in colors other than gray represents an issue.

Daily reports You can get any report instantaneously by clicking F3 (Global Variables), when opening just pick the pair you want and replace the zero (0) by one (1); then click enter and close. You can select more than 1 pair in the same process.

(Note: all items have its respective tab and you can get the complete information by clicking them).

Here is an interactive 4xGuardian Demo Report. If you haven’t subscribed to the PLUS Services all tabs with + sign will be blank.

Symbol: You can pick any symbol after 2 hours of running 4xGuardian in any pair or after you run the pair report manually by F3.

Date: You can pick any date from the calendar.

Normal Request; Slow Request; Re-quotes; Trades with Slippage; High Spread Trades; Leverage Changes and Ghost Detections all show the number of cases.

Disconnections: shows the total of disconnections of more than 6 seconds .

Average Disconnection: is the total of minutes down divided by the number of disconnections.

For subscribed customers only:

Expert Log size; Journal Size; Emails; Chart Changes; Chart Mismatch; Spread Errors and Daily Statistics: Under these tabs you will find very important data that will add extra help to identify your brokers behavior and also will help to control your experts and journal sizes that could put in risk your computer or VPS by a run away expert advisor.


4xGuardian Reports are best viewed in Firefox & Chrome

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