NOTE: MetaQuotes has updated their MQL4 language and our tools won´t work on MT4 Build 600 and greater, nevertheless all our tools offer the same features and advantages as usual. We highly recommend reading this blog post about updating MT4 to Build 600.




  1. Download the Installer.
  2. Copy the Installer to your MetaTrader4 expert’s folder.
  3. Run the Installer and activate your software.
  4. Restart MetaTrader4.

1) After your purchase is completed, you will receive an email containing your download link. After the download finishes, open the folder where the file resides, right click and copy the file.

2) Navigate to: Computer>Local Disk (c:)> Programs Files>Your-MetaTrader4 folder>Experts> and Paste the file you copied in step 1.

3) Restart your MetaTrader4, open a new chart, open the Navigator Window
(Press Control + n) and double click the Installer_4xStats from the list of Expert Advisors.

A window will pop up where you need to set a few options.
On the common Tab make sure you check the Allow DLL imports and make sure Confirm DLL function calls is NOT checked.

Common Tab

A. On the Inputs Tab enter the PayPal Transaction ID, you will find your Transaction ID at the top of your PayPal receipt.

Common Tab

Example of PayPal email receipt.

PayPal receipt

If you have not received your PayPal ID within 8 hours or have any problem activating 4xStats, please send us a Support Ticket

4) After entering your settings press OK and the installer will run, when the installer finishes close the chart and restart your MetaTrader4 and 4xStats will be ready to use.

At this point 4xStats should be successfully installed. If you wish to install 4xStats in multiple MetaTraders, repeat the installation process for each MetaTrader.

Properties Screen


  • Setup
  • Common tab
  • Inputs tab


After you finish the installation of 4xStats, you need to restart MetaTrader before you run it for the first time. You can repeat the process with as many pairs as you like.

Now you are ready to place 4xStats on the chart. To proceed, open the Navigator window (Press Control + n) > Custom Indicators > double click on _4xStats or drag and drop it on the chart.

  • Common tab:

Make sure Allow DLL Imports and Allow external experts imports are both checked.

  • Inputs tab

If you want to receive the 4xStats e-mail report and the trades activity from your account fill in your e-mail and the frequency (in minutes).
Note: If your phone doesn’t support HTML emails change: “Send_Simple_Email” to TRUE.
You only need to set up the email info once per MetaTrader, there is no need to setup the email and frequency on every chart that has 4xStats.

Show_Trade_Lines: If true it will draw all trade activity on the current charts.

Display_Leverage_Info: Set true if you want to see the leverage.

Update_Friday_Only: If set false 4xStats will update as soon as the new version is released.

Indicator Screen

In order to display the maximum amount of information 4xStats will cycle the information in 3 different zones of the indicator screen

  • Left

On the left of the screen you will get general information about your account and the latest trade activity including:

  • Balance and equity
  • Details about the last closed trade
  • Email report status and date of next report
  • Currently open trades
  • Best and Worst running trades

  • Center

On the center of the screen, the information and stats of closed trades will cycle every few seconds:

About the current pair (the chart you are watching).

Also the same information aggregated for all you trade’s activity.

  • Right

On the far right of the screen the stats will cycle with 6 different screens:

The best 10 closed pairs stats (pips), information columns include:

  1. Symbol/Pair name
  2. Won and lost short trades
  3. Won and lost long trades
  4. Total won and lost long trades
  5. Total profit in pips
  6. Average profit in pips

The worst 10 closed pairs stats (pips)

Details about your best closed trade (based in total currency profit).
This screen will save you a lot of time from having to sort this information from the Account History Tab, in this area of the screen you will get: net P/L (P/L less commission), total currency, the trade duration and how the trade closed (Stop Loss, Take Profit or Manually).

Details about your worst closed trade (based in total currency loss)

Details about your best closed trade (based in total pips)

Details about your worst closed trade (based in total pip loss)

Email Report Screen

If you have set up the email report function by adding your email address to the indicator settings screen, you will receive a report like the one below every time a trade closes and also at the frequency you specified, you will not receive any reports if there is no open trades, unless there is activity on your account like, deposits, withdraws or any fees charged by broker.

Sample of the Report on the Iphone screen

Note: The most common problem with the Email report is that your Spam filter may send the report to the Junk/Spam folder, if this happens you need to edit the Filter/Rules on your email client to never send emails from to the Junk/Spam folder.

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