NOTE: MetaQuotes has updated their MQL4 language and our tools won´t work on MT4 Build 600 and greater, nevertheless all our tools offer the same features and advantages as usual. We highly recommend reading this blog post about updating MT4 to Build 600.




  1. Download the Installer.
  2. Copy the Installer to your MetaTrader4 expert’s folder.
  3. Run the Installer and activate your software.
  4. Restart MetaTrader4.

1) After your purchase is completed, you will receive an email containing your download link. After the download finishes, open the folder where the file resides, right click and copy the file.

2) Navigate to: Computer>Local Disk (c:)> Programs Files>Your-Metatrader4 folder>Experts> and Paste the file you copied in step 1.

3) Restart your MetaTrader4, open a new chart, open the Navigator Window
(Press Control + n) and double click the Installer_4xWatch from the list of Expert Advisors.

A window will pop up where you need to set a few options.
On the common Tab make sure you check the Allow DLL imports and make sure Confirm DLL function calls is NOT checked.

Common Tab

A. On the Inputs Tab enter the PayPal Transaction ID, you will find your Transaction ID at the top of your PayPal receipt.

Input Tab

Example of PayPal email receipt.

PayPal receipt

If you have not received your PayPal ID within 8 hours or have any problem activating 4xWatch, please send us a Support Ticket

4) After entering your settings press OK and the installer will run, when the installer finishes close the chart and restart your MetaTrader4 and 4xWatch will be ready to use.

At this point 4xWatch should be successfully installed. If you wish to install 4xWatch in multiple Metatraders, repeat the installation process for each Metatrader.

Properties Screen


  • Setup
  • Inputs/ Commons tab


After you finish the installation of 4xWatch, you need to restart MetaTrader before you run it for the first time. For maximum performance 4xWatch should work with a decent tick speed, therefore we recommend that you have at least 4 symbols showing on the Market Watch window. To open the Market Watch, press Control + M, right click on any pair, click on Symbols and click on the pairs you want to bring, then make sure you have more than 4 enabled.

Now you are ready to place 4xWatch on the chart. To proceed, open the Navigator window (Press Control + n) > Expert Advisors > double click on 4xWatch or drag and drop it on the chart.

Make sure “Expert Advisors” is enabled.

Open a GBPJPY chart. At this point you can activate the 4xWatch template (This step is optional but recommended.) To activate the template Go to Charts, Template and then 4xWatch.

After activating the template double click 4xWatch under the list of experts and go to common tab, make sure Allow DLL imports is checked and Confirm DLL function calls is NOT checked. Click OK.

Common Tab

Inputs Tab:

Email: Fill your e-mail address if you want to receive an email alert if 4xWatch detects a disconnection for N quantity of seconds.

Email_alert_if_disconnected_for: The minimum setting cannot be less than 30 seconds.

Report_to_Directory: Send a copy of the report to a custom directory.

Internet: You can choose the URL we will use to check your Internet connectivity. The default value is; you should set it to a website local to your country. For example, if you live in the UK you should change it to something like

UseLocalTime: If set to true, 4xWatch will generate the graphics and logs using your computer’s local time; if set to false, it will use GMT time which may be desirable if you need to compare down time to news events or to compare connection performance with several computers on different time zones.

ReportFrequency: If set to “0″ your reports will open hourly. If set to “1″ the report will open at the end of everyday at 12:00 am and if set to “2″ no reports will open. All reports will open in your default web browser.

Note: You can force the report to open at any time by pressing F3 and changing the value of the variable PopStats to “1″.

Note: Because 4xWatch runs on an endless loop, after saving your settings you will not be able to change them by pressing F7, instead, you must remove 4xWatch from the chart by right clicking on it and place it on the chart again to bring up the Properties screen.

Market_Close_at: Set the time your broker closes every Friday. This varies from broker to broker.

ChartSize: Change to make the graphics larger or smaller. Is not recommended that you make it larger than 15, as it may cause images on the detail log be cut off.

Update_Friday_Only: If set false 4xStats will update as soon as the new version is released.

Alternative_GMT_Clock: If set true it will check our server for the correct GMT time.

Sleep_Time: Change this setting to reduce CPU usage of 4xWatch, do not make it greater than 1000 millisenconds.

Enable_Location: If set false it will let you disable the IP base location on the screen display, disabling this option will decrease CPU load.

Enable_Pip_Trace: If set false it will let you disable the Ping and Trace Route options, disabling this option will decrease CPU load.

UseSymbol: Here you put the symbol you want 4xWatch to run on, make sure the symbol is exactly like on the market watch (Crtl + M), this field is case sensitive.

Main Screen


  • Clocks & broker information
  • Connection Status
  • Network Information

Clocks & broker information:

On the top left you will see 3 clocks showing: the Local time, GMT Time and your broker’s Time. The clock shown in blue is the one being uses by 4xWatch for the chart and logs.

On the top left you will also have some basic account information including: your account number, account name, broker name and the the last the connection failed.

On the center you will see the current date, the name of the server your MetaTrader is connected to and the total daily down time.

On the right you’ll see the type of account you are using (Demo or Live) and your report frequency.

Connection Status:

On the center of the screen you have the grid representing the connection you had each minute of the day until this moment. GREEN squares represent no problem, YELLOW circles represent minor connection errors or that your MetaTrader Station has switched connection to a different server, ORANGE squares represent a disconnection that lasted from 30 to 60 seconds, RED squares represent a severe disconnection that lasted more than 60 seconds PURPLE squares indicate that the disconnection was caused by a problem with your Internet service provider and not your Broker’s Server and GREY squares represent unknown errors or simply that your Metatrader was not running during those times.

Network Information:

On the bottom left you have some basic information including, the name of your computer on the network, your public IP address and the estimated geographical location of your computer based on its IP address.

On the bottom center you have the URL you have entered on the Inputs Tab, the resolved IP address for the URL you entered and its estimated location based on its IP address. If no problem is detected 4xWatch will ping this URL every 10 minutes and display the minimum, maximum and average ping times and it will also run a trace route to the same URL and display the number of hops; if a problem is detected 4xWatch will run the ping and trace every 30 seconds.

On the bottom right you have your Broker’s server information including URL, IP address and estimated geographical location based on its IP address.

Every 10 minutes 4xWatch will ping your broker and display the minimum, maximum and average ping times; also run a trace route to the same URL displaying the number of hops.

Report screen


  • Summary report
  • Detailed report

Summary report

The Summary Report screen will open with the frequency you set on the Inputs Tab or you can open it at any time by pressing F3 and changing the value of the variable PopStats to “1″. See image below.

Detailed report

At the top of the report you can see the number of days since 4xWatch started running, in this case 9 days. The pie chart uses the same color scheme as the grid on the main screen. By clicking with the mouse over any of the slices you can get more information about a given error type.

Below the pie chart you have the total aggregated down time since the expert started monitoring your connection.

On the table below you have the date of the report, the star rating for the connection on that day and the total daily down time. Clicking on details will bring up a new screen with more information, you can use F11 to activate or deactivate full screen mode.

On the detailed screen you can see the daily minute by minute chart for that day and the details of every disconnection.

On the left, you have the date and time, a description of the event, the IP address of your Broker, ping times and number of hops.

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