NOTE: MetaQuotes has updated their MQL4 language and our tools won´t work on MT4 Build 600 and greater, nevertheless all our tools offer the same features and advantages as usual. We highly recommend reading this blog post about updating MT4 to Build 600.


General Questions

What is the difference between the Security Package and 4xGuardian?

The Security Package are 3 tools: 4xSentinel, 4xWatch and 4xGhost.
4xGuardian was developed based on some of the technology of these 3 tools and it is more user friendly with simpler reports, it also has several important features not found on the previous 3 tools if you are subscribed. 4xSentinel generates detail reports on every tick and 4xWatch reports are minute by minute, you can also identify the type of the disconnection, server ip adress, pig time , trace route to name some differences on both.

Can I turn off the historical trades being shown on chart in 4xStats?

Yes, you have the options to turn it ON/OFF.

What is the difference between “Single Account” and “Unlimited Accounts”?

Single Account is just for one account on one machine. Unlimited accounts can be run on as many instances as you like on the same machine. Please make note that all the tools need to run on a separated chart on the SAME Mt4 that you use for trading.

I almost never have disconnections in my computer do you recommend to run 4xWatch anyway?

Yes, it is impossible to monitor your connection and your brokers 24/7. With 4xWatch you will know where the problem came from, the exact time and the duration of the disconnection.

Can 4xGuardian or 4xSentinel avoid my broker playing dirty on me?

It depends on you. If 4xGuardian detects suspicious behavior in your account and you do nothing, then your broker will keep taking advantage of your passivity. 4xSentinel and 4xGuardian generates daily reports with all the problems detected for both, the standard and PLUS features. These reports could be your only tool when confronting your broker about any suspicious performance on your account or if you wore to report the brokers activity to authorities. One more action you can take is changing your broker.

Are the licenses transferable between computers and trading accounts?

Yes, to transfer the license to another machine is very simple just run the installer on the new machine and the old one will stop working automatically, there is no need to open a Support Ticket.

Do you guys offer free trials?

Sorry no free trials, but remember if you're not satisfied you have 30 days to get a full refund.

Can I close a trade partially with 4xPartner?

With 4xPartner you have the option to divide your trades as option (Reduce position at target). In order to explore the close options please read the 4xPartner Documentation

Does 4xGuardian or 4xSentinel give me any record of the broker activity?

Yes, you will have detailed records of every transaction you made.


The installer completed successfully but the expert is not listed on the Navigator window.

If this happens please run the installer again but DO NOT close MetaTrader. Leave it open, go to the expert folder and look for the expert name you just installed, it should be a small file only 1 or 2 Kbites, open a Support Ticket and send us the following data:
  • ex4 file
  • a copy of your Journal Log
  • a copy of your Expert Log
  • a screen shot of the MetaTrader

I would like to run 4xPartner on 9 different pairs, is there a parameter to allow the EA to work based on the magic number?

You can run 4xParner on a magic number by changing the settings MAGICMA from 0 to the number you used, but you cannot run 4xPartner on more than one pair at time because then all would use the same settings and that could be a problem because different pairs have different pips to currency values.

After I install 4xStats, will I be able to see past historical trades (lines drawn) on my charts?

Yes it will show the lines for all trades on the trade history of your Metatrader.

Why do I see a message on the expert logs that says executable file is corrupted. Please recompile it. How do I fix this?

You get that message because your version of MetaTrader is newer then ours, we need to compile it with an older version so is compatible with customers running older version of the MetaTrader Terminal. The program will run just fine, there is no problem.

I have lost the installer where can I download it again?

Please open a Support Ticket and we will send you the new installer.


Can I receive a full refund if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, you have a time period of 30 days to receive full refunds.

Can I cancel the 4xGuardian subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription at any time, just log in to your paypal account and follow this steps: under recent activity > Details > Cancel > Cancel Profile.

The PayPal ID I have received with the purchase confirmation does not work.

Please open a Support Ticket and send us a copy of the Paypal payment confirmation and we will send you a new paypal ID.

I dont have PayPal in my country, is there an alternative payment method?

Yes, just open a Support Ticket and we will arrange an alternative form of payment.

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