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Professional forex tools, for traders by traders

Sep 2, 2010

Ever since we started trading forex, we found ourselves seeking complimentary information and tools to help us make faster and more educated decisions during trading.

Over the years as our trading experience grew, our need for more reliable information and tools grew as well; in a quest to find what we needed, we tried a countless array of tools and indicators but none of them were able to completely satisfy our needs, so we decided to create our own suite of forex tools, our goal was to create something better, easier and that could be integrated into the Metatrader platform and we accomplished it!

Until recently all the forex tools we created were for our own use, but now we are gradually making them available to every forex trader using the Metatrader platform.

Please visit our “forex tools” page to see what’s available. We are constantly working to release new tools. To stay updated with the release of new tools please don’t forget to subscribe!


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Paul Rubens

Sep 4, 2010



I feel the same way, i often have 5 or 6 windows open plus all my metatrader windows, very inconvenient. I will definitely give your forex tools a try.


admin Reply:

@Ruben, thanks for your comment, we are glad to hear you will use our tools. We are confident you will love them.


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