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Safer Trading

Apr 4, 2011

Trading Forex is hard enough already, but when you add an unreliable or unscrupulous broker into the mix, hard becomes impossible! Having a great strategy or the best trading robot is not enough when your broker is playing against you or is simply unreliable.

The following red flags will help you identify bad brokers before is too late:

What makes a reliable Broker:

  • Fast response time when opening and closing trades.
  • 100% up time, loosing connection to you broker for even a few minutes can be a disaster.

What makes an honest Broker:

  • Low spreads and low spread spikes during news events.
  • No re-quotes or very few, there is not technical reason to re-quote your trades if your connection to the broker is solid.
  • Not changing the leverage when the market liquidity is down.
  • Low commission rate.
  • True Swap Rates.
  • No Slippage when closing trades.
  • Not running the infamous Virtual Plug-in.

We have developed some great safety tools to keep you protected while you trade. Our safety tool suite will help you:

  • Detect and diagnose connection issues
  • Detect costly Metatrader conflicts
  • Detect if your broker is using the Virtual Dealer Plug-in
  • and more

MT4 Security Package:

  • 4xSentinel will keep your broker honest by checking the most important trade aspects, like re-quotes, slippages, delays in execution time, margin changes and spread spikes.
  • 4xWatch will monitor and diagnose your connection with the broker to alert you of any issues.
  • 4xGhost will check periodically if any other MT4 instances are in conflict with your trading platform.

For a limited time get all 3 safety tools and receive a 15% discount.

Learn more about our MT4 Security Package


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